Novoferm Novorol Roller Garage Door

Novoferm Novorol

Novoferm Novorol is a feature packed insulated roller door which comes with a full box and 90mm guides as standard. The Novoferm Novorol is one of our bestselling roller doors. Our customers love that they can have an automatic door with no ceiling tracks or operator boom.

Construction and Insulation

Novoferm Novorol is made primarily of aluminium. The door curtain is made from 77mm double skin aluminium slats that at filled with insulating foam. The double skin and foam construction not only gives the curtain insulating properties but makes it strong too. The guide rails, box and endplates are also powder coated aluminium. Unlike most manufacturers Novoferm supply their roller doors with a full box as standard. This is where the coil is completely enclosed which improves the look of the door from the inside as well as protecting the axel and motor from dust.

Automation and Safety

All Novoferm Novorol doors are automated. The motor is encased within the axel of the door and operates the door by rotating the axel. You can control the door via the wall control unit which comes with built in courtesy light or via the handsets. In the event of a power failure there is an emergency crank handle which you can use to operate the door. The door has a built in safety edge on the bottom of the curtain. If when the door is closing it meets an obstruction the safety edge will detect this and reverse.

Novoferm Novorol Colour Options

There are two types of finishes available for Novoferm Novorol: polyester and laminated Weathergrain. Polyester powder coating is a very tough and durable type of paint which comes in a range of 10 colours including Golden Oak and Rosewood timber effect. With a polyester finish the curtain will be the same colour the inside and outside. The Laminated Weathergrain range has a pvc foil applied to the external face of the slats. This allows you to have the curtain white on the inside, reflecting light back into the garage. If you’d like to see and try a Novoferm Novorol we have one in our Lancashire showroom.