Novoferm Novoport

Novoferm Novoport

The Novoferm NovoPort not only improves the way your garage looks, but will also make it easier to use. With the integrated NovoPort system you will never have to get out in the rain again to open your garage door.

Novoferm NovoPort Safety

The Novoferm NovoPort garage door and operator are perfectly matched and also meet with the latest safety rules. This should give you the comfort of safety and top quality, with a 5 year guarantee on the unit included.

Novoferm NovoPort Features

The NovoPort operator system not only offers ease of use during operation, but also when fitting. It is not fixed to the ceiling like other operators. Instead it is simply fitted onto the side garage door track. This may be on the right or the left depending on the building layout. Therefore, no ceiling brackets are needed. Any fitting problems are consequently ruled out from the start.

NovoPort features glance:

  • Quick and easy operation using a hand held keyfob, push button or coded key pad, mounted to the garage wall.
  • Soft start and stop.
  • Complete safety against scanning due to rolling code.
  • Simple programming via menu-guided control with led display.
  • Fault indicator, (obstacle detection etc.).
  • Outside lighting up to max. 500 Watt can be connected.
  • Power saving. Only uses 4 Watts whilst on standby.

We at Lakes Garage Doors have been main agents for Novoferm for many years. We think them to be one of the very best garage door and operator manufacturers. The NovoPort is just another of their exceptional products. We have also been to Germany to see them being made. We could not help but be impressed!

Come and visit our large garage door showroom in Garstang Lancashire. Here we have many Novoferm garage door and electric operators on display. We have a working NovoPort garage door for you to see and try. Give us a call.