Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled

Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled

The raised and fielded panels of the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled give this insulated sectional garage door the traditional look that is so popular in the UK. Do not be mistaken though; in every other way this is a modern, smooth running, efficient garage door.

The Construction of the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled

The sections of the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled are formed from pre-painted hot dipped galvanised steel. The patterns are pressed into the steel faces and the 20mm gap is filled with CFC free PUR foam which bonds to the steel and sets rigid. This sandwich construction gives the sections of the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled great strength. The top and bottom of the sections are shaped to interlock in such a way that finger entrapment is not possible. Within the interlock of the sections is a rubber draught seal. On the bottom of the lowest section is a stainless steel extrusion which carries the rubber floor seal. This seal will keep out draughts on any level floor. To provide further insulation, the frame legs and header have lipped rubber seals which press against the door sections when closed. The base of the frame legs of the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled are stainless steel where other manufacturers use plastic. This prevents corrosion of this vunerable area the which can come into contact with water. To further prevent corrosion, all other steel parts are galavanised. Those metal parts not steel are cast alloy. Novoferm have continued their modification and improvement program with the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled. The spring arrangent has been altered and the triple springs moved to the vertical frame legs. This has made the door run even more smoothly and easily than before.

Modes of Operation for the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled
  1. Manual. The Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled can, with the optional lock and handle pack and factory preparation be used as a manual door.
  2. Automatic. Novoferm have two of their superb electric operators that will automate the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled:

When making the decision whether to have the Novoferm ISO 20 Panelled manual or automatic, please consider that the cost option of the manual door can be offset against automation.

Lakes Garage Doors have been distributing and installing Novoferm garage doors since they were first introduced to the UK in 1997. Manufactured in Germany, we have visited the factories and seen for ourselves how these doors are produced to such a high standard. We are proud of our association with Novoferm. Come to our Lancashire showroom and see the Novoferm sectional garage door for yourself. You will see why we have such confidence in these products.