Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib

Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib White

The Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib is a very popular door. It blends well with most properties. It is generally considered to be a contemporary style but does not look out of place on more traditional homes. The Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib is a precision manufactured door and requires careful installation. Lakes Garage Doors have been distributors and installers of Novoferm products since they were first introduced to the UK in 1997. We know these doors and how to install them properly.

Construction of the Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib

The hot dipped galvanised twin wall steel sections sandwich a PUR, rigid, CFC free foam core. The foam core is 20mm thick and it is from this that the door gets it’s identity. The horizontal pattern is pressed into the steel face and the back is a flat stucco finish. The door sections interlock in such a way as to prevent finger entrapment when the door is moving. Between each section is a draught excluding rubber seal. Attached to the bottom of the bottom section is the floor seal held in place by a stainless steel extrusion. The floor seal is a flexible, weather resistant rubber which is designed to prevent draughts on any level floor. The frame legs of the Novoferm ISO 20 large rib and the header also have rubber seals. These are lipped and flexible to give a good seal. All steel parts of the door are either stainless or galvanised to guard against corrosion. Any metal parts not steel are cast alloy. The door opens and closes smoothly on nylon wheels in the vertical and horizontal tracks. The spring arrangement for the Novoferm ISO 20 large rib has received recent further improvement. The triple springs are now located in the frame legs providing even quieter, smoother running for the Novoferm ISO 20 large rib.

Automatic Operation of the Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib

There are two electric operators made by Novoferm which are suited to the automation of your Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib:

The door is suitable for manual operation also with the optional locking and handle installation.