Groke 12910 Front Door

Groke 12910

Dark glazing, stainless steel panels and horizontal grooves give the Groke 12910 an ultra-modern look.

Groke are one of the German market leaders for aluminium front doors. They have a cutting edge manufacturing facility. A combination of hi-tech machinery and craftsmen’s skill are used to make these bespoke doors. Groke hold no stock of pre-built doors. When you order your Groke 12910 it will be made from scratch, just for you. We will sit down and go through all the product options with you so you get exactly what you want. Then, you will be provided with a visual representation of how your door will look and a technical drawing. Once you are completely satisfied that the door will be as you wish, production can begin.

Construction and Insulation

Groke 12910 is available with 3 different thickness of insulation. Your choice not only affects the thermal efficiency of the door but also the look. All three are built around the same robust 90mm aluminium profile. There is the choice of 34mm, 44mm and 94mm thick door panels. On the 34mm the panel is rebated into the profile. On the 44mm the panel covers the profile on the outside face. On the 94mm both side of the profile are covered. More info on this on the specification tab below.


Security is always one of the most important features for our customers. Groke 12910 has been tested and certified to the German security standard WK 2. In the test the door has to withstand an attack from burglary tools such as screwdrivers, wedges and pliers.

Side and Transom Elements

The side and transom elements on your Groke 12920 need not be just plain sections of glass. They can replicate the design of the door. For example, you could have sandblasted glass in the side panel. Where the horizontal grooves are in the door leaf, the grooves could extend into the transom as clear stripes in the glass.

Make Your Groke 12910 Your Own

Groke are one of the manufactures that give you a big choice when it comes to options on their doors. Of course, you can choose the usual things such as colour, handles etc, but Groke go much further than that. With a Groke door you can actually change the design if you wish, by adding, removing or moving design elements as you see fit. If it can be manufactured,  Groke will accommodate your design.

If you’d like to know more about these fantastic doors then call us today. We can’t wait to hear from you. Installation available throughout the North West of England. We can supply only anywhere in the UK.