Groke 12560 Front Door

Groke 12560

Highly energy efficient flush panel Groke 12560 is suitable for Low Energy houses.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Groke doors are made with the sort of precision engineering you would expect. Your Groke 12560 can be customised so, before manufacturing begins you will receive a visual representation of how your door will look and a technical drawing. Once both of these have been signed off production can begin.

Construction and Insulation

Groke 12560 is available with three thicknesses of insulation, this affects not only the thermal efficiency of the door but also the look. All three versions are built around the same 90mm profile. More insulation can be further added to cover the profile depending on requirements and budget. There are 34mm, 44mm and 94mm thick versions of this door available. The 94mm thick door is suitable for Low Energy houses, surpassing the Passivhaus standard.


Groke 12560 has been tested and certified to meet the German WK 2 burglar resistance standard. In the test, basic burglary tools such as screwdrivers, levers, pliers and wedges are used. As part of the standard security kit the door will come with hinge pins, a 3 bolt hook lock and a security rosette protecting the cylinder.

Side and Transom Elements

Side and Transom elements for Groke 12560 are not some afterthought that are bolted on. They are built as part of the door frame. This method of construction increases both the aesthetic appearance and the integrity of the structure.

Customise your Groke 12560

One of the best things about Groke doors is being able to individualise your door. You will be able to specify almost everything from the basic items such as insulation levels right down to the fine details. One of our favourite products to feature here at Lakes is the biometric finger print reader. It functions using a motorised lock. As soon as the door closes the door automatically locks. To get back in, requires just a quick swipe.

If you’d like to know more about Groke doors just give us a call. We supply and install throughout the North West of England and supply only anywhere in the UK.  We can’t wait to hear from you. Finally, we are delighted to tell you that we have installed a Groke aluminium front door in our North West showroom.