Groke 12540 Front Door

Groke 12540 Light Blue

The simple modern design of the Groke 12540 will sit comfortably on any contemporary property.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, Groke aluminium doors are some of the very best available. Our service will start by finding out from you what it is you need from the door. Does it need to achieve a certain U value? What security features do you need? We will then provide you with a visual image of how the door will look in the colour that you want with handles etc. plus a technical drawing. Once these have been signed off your Groke 12540 is ready to go into production.

Construction and Insulation

There are three versions of the Groke 12540 available. 34mm, 44mm and 94mm thick panels. All three panel types are built on to the same 90mm thick aluminium profile. The 34mm panel is rebated into the profile in a similar way to how glazing sits in a window. The 44mm panel overlays the profile on the outside, this creates a flush look. The 94mm panel overlays the profile on both sides and gives maximum insulation.


Groke 12540 is tested and certified to the German security standard WK 2. The test involves the door being subjected to an attack using common burglary tools such as knives, screwdrivers, wedges, pliers etc.

Side and Transom Elements

Side and transom elements on Groke doors are also made up as part of the door frame. Making the frame this way not only makes the whole product strong, it looks better too. There’s a huge range of glazing available for your door including custom options too. Why not have the house number or name sandblasted in to the glass?

Customise Your Groke 12540

One of the things we love most about Groke doors is how the customer can get exactly what they want. With many other brands, compromises have to be made, but with a Groke door you can choose or change almost anything.

Ready to get an installed quote for your new Groke door?  Our expert engineers install throughout the North West of England and we supply only anywhere in the UK. Call us now or click the orange button above. Finally, at our Lancashire showroom we have a Groke aluminium front door complete with biometric locking.