Garage Door Systems Roller

Garage Door Systems Roller

Garage Door Systems Roller saves space in the garage and offers extremely easy operation at an affordable price.

Garage Door Systems (GDS) have been manufacturing the Roller in Northern Ireland for over 20 years. Its broad profile design is attractive where other manufactures narrower profile can look industrial.

Construction & Operation

Garage Door Systems Roller is a single skin roller door. It is made from a continuous steel sheet rather than individual slats like an insulated roller door. The axel is sprung and the curtain glides up and down in vertical guides making this one of the easiest manual doors to operate we offer.

Colours and Finishes

Garage Door Systems Roller is made from pre-finished steel. This means that the paint or finish of the door is already on the steel before it’s made into a garage door. This is regarded as a higher quality type of finish that will stand the test of time. There is the choice of 12 colour options as well as Golden Oak and Rosewood laminate options. The coloured doors are coated with British Steel’s HP200 Plastisol. This is an incredibly tough and durable PVC coating that lasts and lasts.

Automation for Garage Door Systems Roller

All Garage Door Systems Roller doors come automation ready. Automation can be installed either with the door or at a later date. The operator on a roller door sits on the axel and turs the coil of the door to raise and lower it. The operator will come with two handsets as well as a wireless wall button. In the event of a power failure there is an emergency override. This disengages the motor and allows you to use the door manually.

We have a Garage Door Systems Roller door on display at our Lancashire showroom. Why not call in to try the door for yourself? You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to operate.