Garador FGS 750 Front Door

Garador FGS 750 Dark Oak front door

Garador FGS 750 is part of the highly insulating FrontGuard Plus range.

Garador FGS 750 Insulation

The Garador FGS 750 provides excellent thermal insulation for your home. It has a U-value as low as 0.91 W/m2.K – with an extra thick door leaf filled with thermally efficient PU foam. It also has a thermal break built into the panel design. The 80 mm aluminium frame also has a thermal break. It has a PU foam infill built into its design to further maintain its thermal performance. The door is regularly subjected to the strictest quality tests. This ensures that the product is: water tight under heavy rain, air tight under heavy winds whilst providing acoustic and thermal insulation and security.


The FGS 750 modern design doors feature a superb high gloss surface finish. This is as well as 3 other Timber-effect finishes – Golden Oak, Dark Oak and Night Oak. The door is also available in 11 of the RAL colours we provide. This is our unmatched combination of excellent thermal insulation with exclusive looks to enhance energy savings and beautify your home.


Our glazed FGS 750 entrance door features high quality, insulated laminated safety glass. Whilst triple pane insulated glazing (44 mm) provides even more thermal insulation. A flush fitting appearance on the interior and exterior, as well as a stainless steel glazing frame, accentuates the door’s elegant look. Each FGS 750 entrance door can be supplied with a matching side element and/or transom light. Choose from our glass designs – Sand-blasted Float glass & Clear Float glass – for your individual style.

These doors come complete with a 1000 mm long robust bar handle made from high quality stainless steel which blends perfectly with the design elements of the door.

We have a Garador FGS 750 Frontguard front door on display at our Lancashire Showroom. Also on display we have a matching sectional garage door. Get in touch or visit our showroom where our staff will be delighted to show these wonderful doors.