Garador FGS 400

Garador FGS 400 Red

Let some light into your hallway with the classically styled Garador FGS 400 steel front door.

Garador steel front doors offer a cost effective alternative to aluminium doors whilst still offering excellent security and insulation.

Construction & Insulation

The door leaf itself is a double steel skin with a solid PU foam core. This makes the leaf extremely strong whilst also highly insulating. The windows in the door are double glazed and come with cathedral style glass. The door frame is extruded aluminium with a built in thermal break which further improves insulation and stops condensation. Garador FGS 400 has a thermal transmittance of U=1.4W/m2k when fitted without a letter plate.


Garador FGS 400 comes as standard with 5 point security which is very secure. There are however two optional security upgrades: Secure by design and RC 2. Secure by design is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers and is a recognised standard within the UK. This upgrade consists of a high security cylinder & keys and a registration card. RC 2 is short for Burglar Resistance Class 2. In addition, this upgrade includes a security rose to protect the cylinder against attack. The RC standard is recognised Europe wide and replaces the old WK standard.

Side and Transom Elements

There are two types of side element available for Garador FGS 400. Firstly, you can have a partially glazed element in the same style as the door with cathedral style glass. The second option is a fully glazed panel in either cathedral or clear glass. Transom elements are again available with the choice of cathedral or clear glass.

Colours and Furniture for Garador FGS 400

Your new door will come as standard in RAL 9016 Traffic White. There is the option if you wish to choose from a range of colours which you can see to the right. Door furniture comes in gold and silver colours.

Finally, would you like to know more about Garador front doors? Give us a call or come and see our display door at our Lancashire showroom.