Garador FGS 040 Front Door

Garador FGS 040

The port hole window of the Garador FGS 040 makes this door as equally suitable for side and garage entrances as it is for front doors.

Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards Garador FrontGuard doors perform as well as they look.

Construction and Insulation

The leaf of the door is made of a double steel skin with a ridged PU foam core. This makes the body of the door very strong and also excellent for insulation. The window is double glazed with ornament glass on the inside. The window surround is bonded composite. Garador FGS 040 has a thermal transmittance of U=1.2W/m2k


As standard Garador FGS 040 comes with 5 point security but a security upgrade can be a prudent investment. There are two upgrade options available: Secure by Design and RC 2. Secure by Design is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers and is a recognised security standard within the UK. RC 2 is short for Burglar Resistance Class 2. This is a recognised security standard throughout Europe and has replaced the former WK standards.

Side and Transom Elements

Side and transom elements are available for Garador FGS 040. There is the option to have either ornamental glass to match the glazing in the leaf or float clear.

Options and Colours for Garador FGS 040

Your new door will come as standard in RAL 9016 Traffic White. There is a further range of other colours to upgrade to which you can see here to the right. There is also the option of wood effect colours which are very popular. In addition to the colour options different hardware can be specified. A frequently chosen upgrade is to change the 330mm handle to the 1000mm handle. This simple change can make a big impact on the look of your door.

If you’d like to see the quality of a Garador front door for yourself we have one at our Lancashire showroom.