Garador FGS 025 Front Door

Garador FGS 025

Garador FGS 025 has a long offset window and horizontal grooves designed to match in with Garador garage doors.

Garador FrontGuard doors are manufactured in a state of the art plant in Germany. Steel front doors give the look and much of the performance of an aluminium front door but at much lower cost.

Construction and Insulation

The door leaf is 46mm thick and made up of a double steel skin with a ridged foam core. This makes the leaf not only highly insulating but very strong too. The window is double glazed and comes with Mastercare glazing. The 60mm thick aluminium frame has a thermal break in it to further improve insulation. It is available in round style or rectangular profile. Garador FGS 025 has a thermal transmittance of U=1.5W/m2k


Firstly, the Garador FGS 025 comes as standard with 5 point security. This consists of: soft locking latch, locking rod, shoot bolts, hook bolts and hinge pins. You can also upgrade the security of your door to the Europe wide recognised standard RC 2. In order to achieve this standard doors have been put through tests where they must withstand an attack using common burglary tools.

Side and Transom Elements

Side and transom elements are available for your Garador FGS 025. You can choose between Mastercarre glazing to match with the glass in the door leaf or Float clear.

Customise Your Garador FGS 025

As well as the security options and side/transom element options mentioned above there’s more personalisations you can me to your new door. You’ll want to choose the colour for a start! There is a range of standard colours as shown to the right and also timber effect finishes. One of the most popular options with this door is to upgrade the handle from the standard 330mm long to the 1000mm long fixed bar.

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