Carteck GSW40-L Ribbed

Carteck GSW40-L Ribbed

The classic design of the Carteck GSW40-L Ribbed sits comfortably of properties traditional and modern

GSW40-L Ribbed has three ribs per section – the maximum number within the Carteck range. This popular and versatile door sits comfortably on homes both modern and traditional. It is available in four elegant surface structures for the popular ribbed design: woodgrain, stucco, micro-profiled and – if you want an eye-catching, minimalist design – smooth.

Our Carteck GSW40-L Ribbed garage doors are available in 17 colours from our Trend range offered at favourable prices, and comes as standard in RAL 9016 Traffic White. If you are looking for a specific colour, Carteck doors can be matched and finished to almost all BS or RAL colours. Alternatively, door colours can also be matched if you provide a colour sample.  Frames come as standard in white, and can be finished to match the colour of the door with a frame dressing kit.

The door frame is also provided with a 3-sided seal – in addition to the circumferential seal of the door leaf. An elastic, frost-proof EPDM rubber profile floor seal forms the base in combination with the threshold strip.

The Carteck GSW40-L Ribbed is made with a choice of four window designs made from polyurethane frames, with a choice of three scratch resistant glazing types.

Almost all Carteck GSW40-L garage doors are automated and are available with a wide range of accessories including keypads, wall buttons and additional handsets. Each additional button on the handset allows you, for example, to control a second garage door, a yard gate or lighting.

If you’d like to come and see the great quality of a Carteck sectional garage door for your self call in to our Lancashire based garage door showroom. We’re just 10 mins off the M6 and can’t wait to show you the doors.