Day 4:


I began my duties today by shredding yesterday’s letters and folding the freshly printed, correctly dated ones up into the required envelope sizes.

When I had finished this, Hayley and I went out into the Lakes Garage Doors Garstang showroom to do a bit more scraping to the paint as James had gone to pick the paint up from the store. We were taking it in turns to scrape, sweep and mop the floor. The reason we were mopping was because when the floor was damp, it made the old paint a whole lot easier to scrape off!

When James arrived, he mixed the paint and the hardener in a bucket so that it would be easier for us to move around as we painted. While he did this, I went to the back room to grab the frame for the roller.

Dilemma 1) The┬ároller was a LOT wider┬áthan the frame and unfortunately we didn’t have a spare of either!

As a result of this, James sent Hayley back to the paint shop to get a new roller supply. While she was gone, James and I painted around the garage door showroom floors so that the edges were neat and tidy.

When Hayley got back, we were pleased to see that Hayley had not only got 4 spare rollers, but also that she had bought back 2 rollers that came with frames! So we immediately got started.

Dilemma 2) After about 30 seconds of rolling the paint, both mine, and James’ roller’s had come off the frame. we tried to push them back on, and they did go back on, but the same problem occurred every time we repaired them.

James then went into the stock room at the back of the showroom to double check if we had any better rollers. He came back with a big smile on his face carrying a much wider, much fatter roller that perfectly fitted into the original frame. So while he painted the floor rapidly, I carried on much slower with the roller that came off the frame pathetically regularly!

Dilemma 3) James and I painted a 3rd of the garage door showroom floor before we took a step back to view our work. We were horrified to see that the new paint was making more of the old paint rise and flake off! Infuriated and frustrated, James went to get Hayley and ask for advice. She stated ”From an artistic point of view, I think the colour of this floor paint would’ve clashed with the door at the end anyway…” James immediately sent her away.

We decided that we would see how it looked in the morning and decide what to do from there.