Completing Your Houses Insulation

At Lakes Doors we know the need to insulate your property is becoming more and more vital to those looking to improve and add value to their home. Cavity wall insulation is less of a luxury and more of a necessity these days as heating prices rising again recently it is essential that the heat that you spend so much to generate is not simply let out by un-insulated walls, doors and windows. While most recognise the need for double glazed windows and doors that do not allow drafts many do though not realise the potentially huge amount of energy that can escape from a badly fitting or un-insulated garage door.

A well fitted and insulated garage door can drastically decrease the energy loss from your home; lost energy is lost money meaning things that decrease energy loss justify your initial investment by paying for themselves in energy savings over time. At Lakes Doors we stock a range of doors that can drastically decrease the energy lost from your home and ensure that the maximum amount of the heat generated in your house is retained. Probably the best option with regards to insulation is our sectional garage doors such as the Teckentrup Carteck GSW40-L. A recent case study into this exact door found that features, such as the 40mm of insulation and the ground seal that stop heat escaping and cold getting in, couple together to provide the ultimate in insulation.

Insulation is though only one of the benefits of our excellent sectional garage doors, the extra security that these provide over traditional garage doors is also a huge selling point for many customers. Sectional garage doors also provide the best option with regards to space, with the mechanism not intruding on the garage floor and the door lifting vertically and storing overhead it allows for no intrusion inside or outside of your garage. So If you care about insulating your home, and you’ve taken all the right steps, double glazing, insulated walls and doors and want to complete your houses insulation then why not come and see our range.