Novoferm Novomatic 553

Novoferm Novomatic 803 S

The Novoferm Novomatic 553 electric garage door opener is has a powerful 700N motor suitable for any up and over or sectional garage doors.

This ultra-reliable near silent belt drive operator incorporates a courtesy light and internal quick release. The microprocessor controlled door operator, is plug-in ready pre-assembled, suitable for all doors that allow pulling and pushing at the door leaf top edge to bring it to the end.

The Novoferm Novomatic 553 can be enhanced with: extra key fob handsets, mini wall mounted push button controllers, key switches or coded keypads. In the event of a power cut, the door can be manually operated on pressing the snap unlocking mechanism. The 553 door is self-monitoring. On touching an obstacle when closing, it immediately stops and returns to the full open position. On being opened, the door immediately stops and stays in that position.

The electronically monitored push-up safeguard together with self-resisting gearing provides a maximum degree of security, meaning hardly a chance therefore for burglars. The Novomatic 553 has simple and rapid electrical installation. The terminals are easily accessible from outside, with convenient adapter terminals for safe connections.

The Novoferm Novomatic 553 features:

  • Integrated shutdown automatic device and electronically monitored push-up safeguard
  • Soft start and stop function
  • Menu-guided control
  • Integrated fault diagnosis system
  • Integrated push button
  • Integrated garage inside lighting (40 watts) and connectable garage outside lighting (up to 500 watts)
  • Manual snap unlocking mechanism in case of power cuts